PCYC Redcliffe helping young people become safer riders through Bicycle Safety!

PCYC Redcliffe member Harper has been steadily growing his bicycle safety skills with Road Safety Instructor James Todd, who delivers the specialised PCYC Bicycle Safety program at the club’s road simulation track.

With the help of his National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funding to book private lessons, Harper has grown from being unsteady and anxious about riding, to now being a confident and safe cyclist.

Harper’s mum Denae Lewis is incredibly proud of his progress through the Bicycle Safety program.

“Harper has been unable to ride a bike until now due to having low tone in his legs and hypermobility, which means he suffers a lot of pain during physical activity and he struggles with balance. In turn, this has caused Harper a lot of anxiety about learning to ride a bike,” said Danae.

“We have tried so many times over the years to support him, but as it was so difficult for him, we felt we needed professional help.”

“I approached PCYC Redcliffe to see if they could help as I had seen their amazing bike track, and I was so pleased when Sergeant Bob McDonald arranged one-on-one lessons with James.”

“Over the past nine weeks, James has worked with Harper and he can now ride a bike with confidence! James was fantastic in guiding Harper not only to ride his bike and learn to balance, but also as a mentor helping him believe in himself and gain confidence. Harper feels like he can participate more with kids his own age now and not sit on the side lines.”

“Thank you so much to James and Bob and the team at PCYC Redcliffe, you have really made a difference in my son’s life!”

Find out more on what’s available at PCYC Redcliffe or call 3385 1900.