PCYC Restart helping students to re-engage at school

Working in partnership with the Department of Education alongside schools to provide positive interventions and ongoing support to engage young people experiences challenges at school, PCYC Restart has been developed for students who are at risk or have been suspended, to increase their social capacity and self-awareness.

Now offered at four PCYC Queensland clubs, Jacob is one of more than 1,900 students who has successfully completed PCYC Restart with great outcomes.

“PCYC Restart was good, it helped me. It made me feel like I could step up in life because if I kept acting the way I was, I realised it wouldn’t help me in the future to get an education and for when I go to high school,” said Jacob.

“Everything improved after I attended Restart. It helped me understand my teacher, and the staff helped me understand what it is like for my teachers when we don’t behave. I’ve realised now my teacher is trying to do more for me. It has helped me at home too. Instead of being grumpy, I’ve been happy,” he said.

Jacob’s mum Charleena agrees that Restart was incredibly positive.

“Before the program Jacob was being very defiant, very negative, hating on everyone. He used to blame everyone and didn’t take ownership of what he was doing” said Charleena.

“Since the program we are not getting the severe outbursts, no meltdowns, no trashing of his room or threatening to hurt himself….now we just get the normal teenage attitudes!”

“We hope he can continue to make positive choices so that he can keep attending the holiday programs. The PCYC Queensland staff there are wonderful, and they have the time to work one on one with the kids and they are really easy to talk to.”

Find out more about PCYC Restart here.