Queensland Youth Week 2022: Amity

In celebration of  Queensland Youth Week , meet State Youth Leadership Program 1 graduate, Amity.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey at PCYC Queensland.

My name is Amity and I started my journey with PCYC Queensland back in 2019! I joined the Emergency Services Cadets (ESC), Highfields unit.

What programs are you engaged in and why did you sign up for the State Youth Leadership Program?

I am currently engaged in the Highlands ESC unit coming into my third year. I am also completing the PCYC State Youth Leadership Program (SYLP) Level 1 – there are three levels to complete the entire program and  I want to do all of them!

SYLP has been the best program by far! Although I was asked to apply for this program, I personally was so excited to meet new people from all across the state of Queensland who are also engaged with PCYC Queensland Youth Programs and importantly learn amazing leadership skills.

How does PCYC Queensland help make positive contributions to your community? 

PCYC Queensland allows young people in my community to learn amazing skills and have experiences in many new environments we wouldn’t normally be in and build on those skills we never knew we were capable of!

 What do you hope for in your future, or predict for the future of your generation?

I hope that all my hard work pays off and I can achieve all my hopes and dreams.

How will you be celebrating Queensland Youth Week 2022?

I will be celebrating this week by completing and graduating from PCYC Queensland’s SYLP, then returning home to spend the remainder of it with family and friends!

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