Queensland Youth Week 2022: Lucas


In celebration of  Queensland Youth Week , meet PCYC Emergency Services Cadet, Lucas.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey at PCYC Queensland.

My name is Lucas and I am 14 years old.

I am a part of the PCYC Emergency Services Cadets (ESC) program for the Mackay Unit and my local club is PCYC Cooktown. I joined the Emergency Services Cadets so I could give back to my community when they needed help which includes my family and friends.

I am also currently completing the State Youth Leadership Program (SYLP) level 1 and am about to graduate to continue as a young leader for my community.

How does PCYC Cooktown help make positive contributions to your community? 

PCYC Cooktown contributes to my community in many positive ways. Firstly, it has a gym for fitness to keep our community active and healthy, basketball courts as well as netball courts. It caters for many members of our community as well as provides young people like me opportunities to build personal life skills through youth programs.

 What do you hope for in your future, or predict for the future of your generation?

I hope that we can continue to build our PCYC Emergency Services Cadets unit so that we can continue to make positive impacts on our community. The program has allowed me to help others in the Cooktown and Queensland communities, so I hope that we can continue this.

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