Queensland Youth Week 2022: Olivia

In celebration of  Queensland Youth Week , meet Braking the Cycle participant, Olivia.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey at PCYC Queensland

My name is Olivia, I am 19 and I started at PCYC Sandgate last November as a driver in the PCYC Braking the Cycle program. Since then, I have transferred to PCYC Zillmere to continue the program.

What programs are you engaged in and why did you join the programs?

I am participating in the Braking the Cycle (BTC) program. I joined the program because I moved out of the home to attend university in December 2020. I moved in with my grandmother for the first half of 2021 and that’s when I got my learner licence.

I did, however, move out and away from my family leaving me without any access to a car or a driver to assist in supervising. I am studying a Bachelor of Paramedic Science at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC), hence why I need my licence as soon as possible to finish my degree and enter the workforce.

How does PCYC Queensland help make positive contributions to your community? 

Every day I obtain new experiences, feedback and lessons from the volunteer mentors at BTC. Not only are the road rules cemented in my mind with each session, but my knowledge and “mind map” of main roads as well. Everything I learn and have learned through BTC fosters a safer driving environment for myself and others on the road. I may not be a mentor, but I hope when others drive with me they pick up some good habits!

 What do you hope for in your future, or predict for the future of your generation?

I hope that other youth, or anyone who needs it, has access to Braking the Cycle and other programs that are run at PCYC Queensland. I never wanted to drive, but I realise now that it brings great independence and opens up so many opportunities. I hope that everyone gets a fair shot at whatever jobs or dreams they have!

How will you be celebrating Queensland Youth Week 2022?

I will be celebrating this Queensland Youth Week with my last BTC session!

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