Scared of losing your mojo this winter?

With less sunshine and winter days getting shorter, as well as the seasonal colds and flus, we often find ourselves less motivated to exercise and keep up our gym routine. But how can we keep our mojo? 

  1. Look at your initial goals and why? What started you on your exercise journey? What benefits do you gain? What will you lose? Having answers for these questions will give you inspiration to keep chasing your dreams. 
  2. Make a plan. Be specific eg. for the next 30 days I will do 30 mins exercise. Having a measurable and precise plan. Lock your exercise times into your diary. If we don’t plan and lock in days and times it won’t happen.  
  3. Find yourself a partner to exercise with. Another person holds you more accountable. Set measurable goals together and hold each other accountable. Exercising with others also makes it more fun! 
  4. Be prepared. Know where you are exercising and with whom for your next session. Have your bag packed with your clothes, shoes etc. the night before and take it in the car for after work. Being prepared avoids the usual excuses. 
  5. Planning to participate in an event often keeps us motivated. Do a fun run, community bike ride, or gym/work challenge. Having that date for an event can provide that extra motivation to keep your training regular and focused. 

Ultimately, good old fashioned planning ensures you beat the winter blues. Draw yourself a vision board, be around positive people that hold you accountable. Don’t forget to revisit your past successes. Exercise releases endorphins which will elevate your mood to get you through the winter months!