Seniors getting ‘Fitter for Life’ at PCYC Sandgate

Seniors are having fun and improving their mobility through Fitter for Life gymnastics at PCYC Sandgate.

Created by Gymnastics Australia, Fitter for Life is a fun and social opportunity that aims to help improve mobility, strength and coordination, helping participants to become more physically active. The weekly classes have been running at PCYC Sandgate for more than two years, and the group sees more than 10 regular members.

Incorporating balance and strengthening activities, light stretching, very light weight training, ball activities, brain training activities and coordinated sequences of light cardio to stimulate the mind and body, weekly classes can be modified to suit any level of ability or mobility.

Pat Carbis, 71, who recently had a stroke and now needs the assistance of a walker due to balance issues, said being introduced to Fitter for Life has been wonderful.

“I suffered a stroke last year, so attending my first Fitter for Life class was a step out of my comfort zone. I am so glad I did though, I’m helping my balance and walking, and it also means a lot to me to see the other ladies each week,” said Ms Carbis.

“The sessions are also very affordable, so you get the most out of the hour. I would encourage anyone to give it a go, I had forgotten that some things use so many muscles!”

PCYC Sandgate Fitter for Life Instructor Cherie O’Neill who has led the group since its start, is proud of her member’s achievements and is rewarded by seeing the improvement in their minds and bodies as they return enthusiastically each week.

“Laughter and friendship are a big part of the session. Our classes are always lots of fun and the inspiration and encouragement that members give each other is priceless,” said Ms O’Neill.

“No matter what your age, the human body is designed to move. Starting is the hardest part but it doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect, what’s important is just to move!” she said.

Fitter for Life classes are available at PCYC Sandgate every Tuesday from 8.45am. For more information call 3269 5358 or visit