Skill of the Month: Cartwheel

The cartwheel is a basic gymnastics skill, which will strengthen your upper body and help you work your way up to more advanced moves. To learn how to cartwheel, you’ll need to find a safe environment in which you can practise placing your hands and feet in a way that will propel you forward and upside down.

Make sure to stretch, before you start practising, to avoid injuries!

How to do a cartwheel:
  1. Picture an imaginary line extending straight in front of you. Use this line as a guide, while you perform your cartwheel.  
  2. Lunge forward with your lead leg and raise your arms. Slightly bend your front leg at the knee and keep your back leg straight. Hold your arms straight up by your ears.
  3. Lower your arms towards the ground, while raising your back leg so your body forms a ‘T’ shape.
  4. Place your hands on the mat, as you turn your body sideways. Put down the arm on the same side of your body as your lead leg, first. Then put your other arm down so they’re spread about shoulder width apart, similar to the way they would be positioned for a handstand.
  5. Push off on your front leg, then bring your legs up in a V shape. Straighten your front leg as you push, so your legs end up in the air, pointing straight upwards.
  6. Lower your lead leg, as you lift the first hand you put down, off the mat.
  7.  To complete the cartwheel, put your leading leg down first, along your imaginary line. The first hand you placed on the mat will lift up naturally, as your foot comes down. 

PCYC Queensland’s new and improved program now allows coaches to tailor your training to your skill level. If you are struggling to learn how to do a cartwheel, or are keen to learn, ask your coach about the next steps to master the skill!

Contact your local gymnastics club or submit an enquiry form.