Staff Spotlight: Alex Weber, Braking the Cycle Program Manager

A selfie of Alex Weber, program manager for Braking the Cycle holding a sign that reads 'before I was a volunteer manager I was a Team Leader'

👐 Meet one of PCYC QLD’s hardworking Volunteer Managers, our new Braking the Cycle 🚗(BTC) Program Manager, Alex Weber.

1️⃣ How long have you been managing volunteers?

I have only just begun managing volunteers since I started PCYC Queensland a few weeks ago. In a previous role, over 8 years ago, I worked closely with volunteers but this is my first time where managing volunteers is a core aspect of my role. I am excited to work with the incredible team of volunteers we have here at PCYC.

2️⃣ How do volunteers benefit your program and PCYC Queensland?

It is safe to say that the Braking the Cycle program doesn’t exist without the amazing and generous work that our volunteers do. With over 50 sites and hundreds of driving hours each week, it would be impossible for us deliver the outcomes that we do without the work of our volunteers.

In my short 6 weeks at PCYC Queensland, I have met volunteers that perform a range of functions for the company. Whether it is helping with admin, working with young people or just helping other volunteers, they are so important and always have a smile on their face. Their enthusiasm is infectious.

3️⃣ What is one bit of encouragement you would offer a new volunteer manager?

Take time to get to know your volunteers. There is a reason that they are volunteering, and those stories can often help give perspective to us on why what we are doing matters. Volunteers have a wealth of knowledge from their own life experiences and can add so much value to the organisation/program.

🙏Thanks Alex and we look forward to the rest of your journey with PCYC Queensland.

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