Staff spotlight: Anne from PCYC Townsville

Anne – PCYC Gym+Fitness Instructor from PCYC Townsville

When did you begin your journey at PCYC Queensland?

I started this role in October 2022!

What do you love about the fitness industry?

I’ve been working in the Fitness Industry for 36 years.  I love teaching classes and watching client’s progression as their levels of confidence and fitness increase. You can see it on their faces and it motivated them to keep aiming higher. It’s always been a highpoint of this job—watching people succeed!

Are you training for anything personally now? What are your fitness goals?

I am not training for anything specific anymore, however my main goal is to remain fit and healthy into my 60s. Consistency is key to being fit and healthy so I either do a class or workout in the gym six times a week.  I believe that as an Instructor you must live the life you teach 😊

What is your personal favourite moment in your fitness journey?

I have so many moments, professionally and personally. Professionally, I would say it’s a collection of all the little successes I’ve seen in my clients and personally it would be that I’m still doing this 36 years on and have no intention of ever stopping!

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