Staff spotlight: Leigh from PCYC Lang Park

Leigh has been Gym+Fitness trainer at PCYC Lang Park since 2012! You may have seen her in the gym, at Fitcamp classes, Fitcamp boxing, Pilates, Spin, TRX, Over Fifties Fitness, or going back even further, at Mums and Bubs or at an Active Parks session.

When did you join the team at PCYC Lang Park?

I joined Lang Park at the end of 2012, and started doing Personal training, which had been my original goal when I became a PT.  Part of that role was to take group fitness classes, which I did as needed.  I loved them all, but if I had to choose just one, it would be Spin.  It is such fun, a great workout, and I get to listen to loud music at the same time!

Why did you decide to become a trainer?

I decided to become a trainer quite late in life, when I was 55, and this was because exercise was such a big part of my life and I wanted to share that with others.  I am proud to have been an active member of the fitness industry for so long, both as a trainer and as a participant.  It is a role that demands that you demonstrate that you are being true to yourself (staying fit and healthy), so it is still as fulfilling now as it has ever been.

What are you training for personally now?

On a personal level, at the age of 66, what I am training for is not so much an event but rather a goal of being as fit for daily life as I can be.  I love the functional fitness that I do, mobility and flexibility work, Pilates for core strength and balance, and Spin for cardio fitness and a good time.  I just started doing a scaled version of Crossfit.  It is my latest challenge; some moments are hard, but it is this that leads to change!

What is your personal favourite moment in your fitness journey?

My favourite moment in my fitness journey was in 2013, running with my team through the finish line of Oxfam Trailwalker after completing 100km.  That was something I never thought I could or would do, and it was being at PCYC Lang Park and being a trainer that led to this.  I did Oxfam 5 more times and got a coveted buff with “Legend” on it. I love that buff!  It was all about the training and the event in any given year wasn’t necessarily the hardest thing!

I can’t see myself slowing down in the foreseeable future! I am still at PCYC Lang Park.  Hope to see you around the gym soon, come over and say hi!

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