Staff spotlight: Mary from PCYC Dalby

The team at PCYC Dalby wanted to give a special shout out to one of the most important team members at the club.

Mary is the Cleaner for PCYC Dalby and is loved by all at the club. She does the most amazing job at keeping our spaces spic and span, and is an absolute joy to see every day!

When did Mary begin her journey at PCYC Queensland?

She worked at PCYC Dalby for six and a half years.

Why is Mary so valued at PCYC Dalby?

Her commitment to always going above and beyond in her role, and her beautifully bright personality are why she is treasured at PCYC Dalby, by not only the staff but also the members.

The Team at PCYC Dalby say Mary is a successful business owner, a loving mother and wife and quite possibly their “favourite human on the face of this earth!”  (now that’s a compliment!)  “We have the deepest appreciation for Mary and are thankful for every day we get to see her lovely smiling face!  Thank you, Mary!”

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