Staff Spotlight: Max from PCYC Lang Park

Max Baker – Gym and Fitness Instructor at PCYC Lang Park

When did you begin your journey at PCYC Queensland?

It started as a member and I was immediately struck by the demeanour and attitude of the members, team, and community.

I felt welcome instantly and I realised that this was the place that I wanted to work if there would ever be that possibility. I’m grateful that this became reality. The opportunities afforded to me at PCYC Lang Park first began as a Gym Instructor from which I have progressed to running my own business as a Personal Trainer. I have grown both as a professional and a person.

What have you enjoyed most about your job?

I’ve delivered fitness programs to many individuals from all different walks of life at PCYC Lang Park. They have all inspired me to push harder to deliver better results and further my dedication to the club and its mission of providing the community with a cornerstone to rely on. I’d like for people to be proud to say they’re a member of PCYC Queensland, and it’s reassuring to see so many have made it their second home, week to week engaging in our activities and the gym.

What keeps you motivated?

As a fitness professional, I’ve always valued honesty, ethics, and transparency. With social media continuing to grow, there’s a lot of misinformation and dogmatism surrounding fitness and exercise. Pushing back against that, as well as people’s own lack of confidence in the gym, can be difficult. But it’s always worthwhile when you can work with someone, or multiple people, and watch them grow and reach their goals under your guidance. There’s something special about investing yourself in someone else and seeing them achieve what they desire and being Personal Trainer means you can focus on that – it’s incredibly rewarding.

What does the future look like for you?

I’m still young, so I can’t say for sure whether I’ll be in the fitness industry forever but so long as I am I’d like for it to be at PCYC Queensland, working in service to the wonderful members that call our clubs home and make it a pleasure to work each day.

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