Staff Spotlight: Sue Bernard, Emergency Services Cadets Program Coordinator

We’d like to introduce and recognise our Emergency Services Cadets Program Coordinator, Sue Bernard.

1️⃣ How long have you been managing volunteers?
I have been here for 6 months in this role, but in my Volunteer role as the LCC for the Wolffdene Emergency Services Cadets – 8 years

2️⃣ How do they benefit your program and PCYC?
Without our dedicated Volunteers, we wouldn’t have a program! They are what makes a Cadet Unit what it is, from organising the Emergency Services to visit or do training with our young people, to having a back up plan if the Service gets called away, to having a genuine interest in each and every Cadet and where they want to go in life – our Volunteers are our everything!

3️⃣ What is one bit of encouragement you would offer a new volunteer manager?
Lead from behind and help to create situations where your volunteers will excel – and in the words of The Rock…it’s nice to be important, but it’s important to be nice 😊

We’d have to agree with Sue there! 🙏Thank you for your service.

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