Staff spotlight: Terri-Anne from PCYC Goondiwndi


Terri-Anne, better known as ‘TA’, has several roles at PCYC Goondiwindi. Not only is she a Member Services Officer, she is also a Gym+Fitness Instructor, and Volunteer for our RUBY program! She has a witty sense of humour and is always there to help with any task that is sent her way.

When did you join the team at PCYC Goondiwindi?

I have been a Gym+Fitness member since 2007, a volunteer since 2014, and now a staff member since 2020!

Why did you decide to become a trainer?

After having children, I could see a big gap in the market for post-natal fitness. As Dr. Stacy Sims says “Women are not small Men”. I love seeing women moving their bodies safely and feeling empowered.

What are you training for personally now?

At the moment, I am currently training for Everest Base Camp!

What is your personal favourite moment in your fitness journey?

There are so many favourite moments in my fitness journey, but if I had to pick one, it would be hitting my PBs in my lifts.

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