Staff Spotlight: Thomas – State Sport and Recreation Manager

How long have you been involved with PCYC Queensland?

I feel very privileged and proud to have had the opportunity to work with PCYC Queensland, an organisation that makes a real difference in the community since 2004. Over those 18 years, I have enjoyed many different roles, from operating my own business within the club as a Personal Trainer, volunteering on Duke of Edinburgh camps, and now enjoying the opportunity of leading the Sport and Recreation Team across the state. People often think of what their dream job might be, and I am lucky enough to have found mine at PCYC Queensland!

What is your favourite moment in fitness or sport?

Growing up in New Zealand, Rugby and Cricket were the backbone of my school and community experience. Whilst I enjoyed these sports, my heart lay elsewhere. At an early age I found my love for cycling and mountain biking, and having recently added trail running to my adventures, I have experienced many great moments across these sports.

But my favourite sporting moments have not been my own. They have been with my three children, watching them start their journeys in sport. Watching my oldest son win his last game of AFL this season, my second boy’s eyes light up as he puts his hands into the circle before his basketball game at PCYC Lang Park, and my daughter starting her gymnastics journey at PCYC Sandgate with a look of pure joy on her face.

These moments are ones I will be able to reflect upon forever and reinforce my passion for our work in communities around Queensland as we give other young people the chance to start their own sporting journeys and empower people of all ages to reach for their health and fitness goals.

What are you training for personally at the moment?

My goal this year is to rebuild my running to take on a 42km marathon at 42 years old! Beyond that it’s all about reigniting my love for adventure and setting my sights on New Zealand’s Godzone adventure race.

What do you love about the fitness industry?

The opportunity to help people improve their health in an enjoyable way, even if it sometimes pushes them out of their comfort zone. I hope I have been able to help people fall in love with being fit and healthy and changed their perception from this is something “I have to do” to this is something “I want to do.”

I believe the fitness industry has always been too focused on image; for me, health and fitness is about enjoying the adventure of movement, the connection with your community and the feeling of accomplishment you have after finishing a good training session. It’s these things that keep me focused on our work to build healthier communities throughout Queensland.