Staff spotlight: Tristan from PCYC Nerang

Beloved by members for his fun and challenging workouts, Tristan is a highly valued member of the PCYC Nerang team and can always be counted on for his willingness to help others.

When did you join the team at PCYC Nerang?

I’ve been a trainer at PCYC Nerang since July 2022, and started taking Activ8 Group Training classes at PCYC Gold Coast in September

Why did you decide to become a trainer?

I love the physical and mental benefits that come from training in the gym. My favourite part about being a trainer is seeing members improve their fitness level and changing their lifestyle. When I see members are happy and making positive changes that’s the best part.

What are you training for personally now?

Right now, I am trying to improve my muscular endurance and cardiovascular training.

What is your personal favourite moment in your fitness journey?

Not a single moment, but everyday watching our members improving in the gym and in our group fitness classes.

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