Staff Spotlight: Will from PCYC Ashmore

Will Patroni – Gym and Fitness Instructor at PCYC Ashmore

When did you begin your journey at PCYC Queensland?

I started working with the PCYC Ashmore team in June of this year. Before that, I was at PCYC Nerang from 2017-2020 and have enjoyed working at this great organisation.

Why did you become a trainer?

I became a trainer because I had an interest in health and fitness, and I wanted a job where I could help others in this area. I am also currently studying to be an Exercise Physiologist in order to specialise in helping people who have chronic health conditions to better manage their health!

What are you training for personally now?

Currently, I am training for fun, to maintain my fitness levels, and to help relieve stress.

What is one word that describes you?

I would have to say, consistent!

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