Staying On Track Through Winter

Winter is always a time when everyone starts to drop off with their training. Why? Its too cold, the sun’s up later, and the list goes on… Well, all this is true, but these are just excuses that we give ourselves to skip a few sessions.

Instead, we should start to look at Winter as an exceptional time to train, the air is cool and crisp, just begging for a good sweat session. It’s time to hang up your favourite jeans or pants in clear vision and smash out some goals!

This is the season to get ahead!

So, it’s time to write up a Winter Goal list, pop it on the fridge door and make it happen. Prepare your meal schedule and workout days in advance and tick them off as you go!

Winter dishes can be the most interesting to prepare, high in nutrients, proteins and superfoods. Winter is an amazing time to head to the kitchen and get creative with simple and clean ingredients, ready for those cold days when you will crave a warm, nutritious meal.

Some examples can be a Vegetable Dahl, healthy hearty soups, warm salads, stir fry’s and so on.

So happy cooking, and don’t forget where all that extra energy from these amazing meals you are about to cook is going!!