Boxing can keep you fit while relieving stress!

What is Boxing?

Traditional boxing is a combat sport that involves two opposing individuals in a boxing ring. A referee officiates the combat inside the ring while judges outside of the ring decide who wins the point. Winners can be decided by obtaining a certain amount of points or defeating their opponent by knockout (KO).

Combat and conflict can be intimidating for many people. So, traditional boxing routines have now been implemented into fun and energetic Boxing classes, as well as other ‘Boxfit’ and ‘Boxercise’ group fitness classes that are suitable for all levels of fitness!

What are the benefits of Boxing?

Boxing is a great cardio and strength workout, which targets every muscle in the body. Boxing boosts your balance, improves your coordination, refines your reflexes, and enhances your agility. This classic sport is a high-calorie burner as you can burn between 600 to 1000 calories per hour.

Not only does boxing improve your fitness, but it can also be an incredible stress reliever. Striking something like a punching bag can relieve muscle tension when stressed, and will provide a rush of endorphins in the body. This healthy and productive way to relieve tension can also help build mental fortitude, confidence and discipline.

How can I become a boxer?

The fundamentals of boxing require multiple hours of training, as well as other training practices such as shadow boxing, mitt work, skipping, strength, and conditioning, just to name a few. These forms of practice have now become a great tool for our gyms to incorprate into boxing classes. 

PCYC Queensland offers Boxing classes for all levels, as well as boxing programs, such as BoxFit, and Boxercise. BoxFit contains basic boxing fundamentals mixed with bodyweight exercises, and Boxercise is a circuit-style class that helps improve strength and flexibility.

Contact your local PCYC Queensland club to join a class today.