Volunteer Profile: Bill Casey

PCYC Queensland continues to celebrate our volunteers during National Volunteer Week. 

Meet Bill, who has been volunteering with PCYC Nerang for more than five years!

Why did you join PCYC Queensland?

I joined PCYC Nerang as a volunteer about five years ago, to be actively involved in Braking the Cycle, and with the outside school hours care (OSHC) bus runs.

I was sick of always seeing poor and unsafe drivers on the road, and one day I was told about the PCYC Braking the Cycle program. I thought, that sounds great, I want to do that! I wanted to show more people how to drive safely on our roads and help those young people who couldn’t achieve their driving hours.

What do you enjoy about volunteering with PCYC Queensland?

I like being involved in the success of seeing our young students pass their tests and obtaining their driver’s licence.

PCYC Nerang is a positive, fantastic place to be. The staff always have great attitudes and greet you with a smile every day. Braking the Cycle is such a great, positive program and you really get to see the progress of the young people. Some take longer then others, but it’s fantastic to see their journeys.

What opportunities have you gained from being connected to PCYC Queensland?

I have met so many new people within the community, including other great mentors and influential community members. It is also wonderful to be able to use my time positively, get out of the house and use my skills to benefit people who need it.

My driving has also changed (for the better!) from being a part of the program. I am more aware and safer on the roads. I enjoy hearing about the new way to drive not only to pass on to the young people who need to know, but for myself!

What advice would you give a young person thinking of engaging with their local PCYC Queensland club?

The best advice I have for young people who are thinking of engaging with their local PCYC club is to bite the bullet and do it! There are so many programs and activities to suit everyone, and there is always something going on.

For anyone thinking about joining Braking the Cycle, there are great mentors and fantastic cars to drive so just go into your club and join!

What is your favourite PCYC Queensland moment?

I have had so many, it’s hard to say! If I were to generalise, I would have to say my favourite moment is seeing the young people’s faces the moment they are told they passed their drivers test and have earned their Ps. It is the most infectious, overwhelming moment, and the smile on their faces makes you feel over the moon. The young people are always saying thank you, thank you – they are so grateful for what you have done to help them.

Another great memory is of one young man who always had a negative attitude, and I was always on his back about being positive and changing his mindset. Then the day of his test, he came to a session just before it – and he had done a complete 360 turnaround. Suddenly he was positive, and goal driven! I don’t know what happened overnight, but it was magic.

I remember another young man I took for his test. He never showed much emotion during the sessions, but the moment he passed his test he couldn’t wipe the smile of his face I have never seen him happier. When we got back to PCYC he strung out telling his mum and when he finally told her she stated crying, he started crying and it made me tear up. Was an awesome moment I am very grateful for all of the unforgettable moments when they hear the good news.

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