Volunteer Profile : Dylan

Dylan is 21 years old and has volunteered in an admin capacity for the PCYC Braking the Cycle program for approximately 8 months. In these 8 months Dylan has logged an impressive 550 Volunteer hours with PCYC Queensland. Dylan who has Autism and other mental health and physical health complications has shown up for every shift offered to him with a smile on his face and a can-do attitude. 

Dylan Hands PCYC Braking the Cycle Volunteer
Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself and how did you hear about the volunteering role at PCYC Queensland?

I’m a 21-year-old Australian lad I live within the Edmonton district and I originally heard about this opportunity online and took the opportunity immediately and have zero regrets.

What inspired you to become a volunteer at PCYC Queensland?

I had a couple of years of experience volunteering in different places over the years and saw another opportunity available at PCYC and before I started volunteering I had really good experiences with PCYC so that’s when I started.

What motivated you to choose PCYC Queensland for volunteering?

When I was a teenager I used to attend art and cooking activities as well as wrestling and Muay Thai shows at PCYC Edmonton and when I was a little child I attended Christmas events at PCYC Mareeba and it was good.

Can you describe your role as a volunteer and the activities you’re involved in?

I help make sure our BTC car is in good shape, I take lessons, in my free time I clean the kitchen, I make coffee if anyone asks me, I have weekly reporting and Songbird reporting to complete every week, I report in Better Impact the hours the mentors have done if anything is asked of me I never say no.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering at PCYC Queensland?

The people I work with, my boss are fantastic, there is always something to do, you are treated as a human and not a number, unlike a lot of places that you may work or volunteer for.

Can you share a memorable moment or experience from your volunteer work?

It’s good to be around people who have a sense of humour, I’ve had days where I stay for 10 hours organising events for mentors and it’s a real bonding experience with the workers sometimes, lots of proud moments where a BTC student has gotten their license.

How has volunteering at PCYC Queensland impacted you personally?

I’ve gained more confidence in myself, my boss is always telling me how much good I do for the Edmonton PCYC, and I’ve gained a social life and new friendships throughout my time here.

Is there anything else you would like to add about your experience as a volunteer?

I highly recommend finding an organisation that offers volunteer positions that treat you well, it’s good for your social life, and your self-esteem and you’re contributing to society in a way. It’s a good experience and I’m very fortunate I have the opportunity to volunteer for PCYC I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Inspired by Dylan’s story? You too can make a difference! We’re always looking for passionate and dedicated individuals to join our volunteer team.

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