Warm Up Tips

It might be tempting to skip our warm ups when we’re doing a quick session at the gym, however, we should always ensure we make time for this in our routine. By warming up our body and muscles, we reduce the risk of injury. An effective warm up can also significantly improve the performance of your upcoming session. You should think of it as time well invested, not time wasted. Here are some of our top tips for your warm up routine.

Tailor your Warm Up to your Workout

A good warm up should focus heavily on the muscles and movement patterns you plan to train that day. For example, if your focus that day is upper body training, a walk on the treadmill will not suffice as a warm up.

Get Moving!

Avoid static (stationary) stretches when warming up. Instead, go for dynamic (movement-based) exercises that take your joints through a full range of motion. Example options include shoulder circles, leg swings, lower back rolls, bodyweight squats/lunges, and gentle twisting.

Start Weights Low

If your session is based on lifting weights, you should do a very light introductory set of each exercise prior to your working sets.

Remember, warming up is not something to be skipped. Try using these warm up tips to maximise your workouts!