Why should I do Squats?

By PCYC Fernvale Gym+Fitness Instructor, Sandi Constantine

I always say to my clients, “you can never do too many Squats!”

Believe it or not, Squats are actually an everyday movement, an exercise we perform without even thinking about it and, provided you have correct technique, there are many benefits.


When incorporating Squats in your everyday exercise, it will help improve your balance and stability, which will assist you with daily tasks.


Squats will improve your leg strength, increase muscle, connective tissue, and strengthen ligaments. These are all positive improvements and will also help to minimise injuries.


You will have increased power and speed from acceleration. This is an absolute positive for any activity or sport that you need to be quick off the mark!

Target other muscle groups

When performing a standard Squat, you are targeting your quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, calves, and abdominals. With so many variations such as, Sumo Squats, and Back Squats, the ability to target other muscle groups increases.

And finally, they are fun! Who doesn’t love Squat Jumps? Come on… we know you love it!

Try and incorporate Squats in your workout routine next time you visit one of our Gym+Fitness Centres.

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