Youth and Community

Youth and community programs at PCYC Blackwater

Yarabee Youth Space

Yarabee Youth Space is open for kids 10 and over each Thursday from 3pm – 5pm. A safe space for our youth to hang out with friends, play basketball, complete homework and help work towards local community projects. The space is fitted out with a TV, PlayStation, Ipads and lounges.  The youth space is designed by the youth & our volunteers  and what they feel they need in our community. Yarabee Coal Mine is a huge supporter of our youth development and we couldn’t offer this without them.

Basketball After Dark

Night basketball program is a free evening program to keep kids focused on positive ways to socialise. This activity involves 20-30 kids aged 10-17 years playing basketball with the assistance of police officers, PCYC Staff and local volunteers.

Please let us know what you would like to see included in our youth space!

Wednesday 3:00pm – 5:0opm

3 on 3 Drop in Basketball

3 on 3 basketball is a social night for 15 years and over. Come as a team or come in and join one. Every is welcome!

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