Sports and Recreation

Sport and recreational activities for PCYC Crestmead

Tiny Tots

The Tiny Tots program aims to support and improve motor abilities, self-confidence and coordination by utilizing safe, stimulating and challenging equipment in challenging equipment in a challenging environment. Tiny Tots is a space where children are given opportunity to explore and develop their physical potential. Classes encourage social interaction – making new friend, learning to take turns and helping to develop listening skills.

Hip Hop

These class teachers the basics of hip hop at a beginner’s level to intermediate level. Different Genres of hip hop such as pop, lock, krumping etc. This class is perfect for the kids who want to learn the moves and make friends. Boys and girls can enjoy learning in a fun, relaxed and non-pressured environment.

Martial Arts

Jujitsu is a highly effective and practical Self-defence class which utilises defence strategies with and without weapons. Jujitsu allows participant to learn practical skills to effectively defend themselves and other with simple, effective, legally justifiable techniques and strategies. The classes aim to increase self-discipline, confidence, awareness, imitative and skills to overcome threat and face your fears. You will also learn how to make effective decision, to act and to take control of a situation with the best outcome for everyone

Shotokan Karate teaches self-defence, respect of others and respect of self. Karate is for abilities and works to challenge and improve fitness levels and flexibility. Karate aims to improve self-confidence, relieves stress, and increases self-discipline and aides coordination.

Muay Thai
Muay Thai is an ancient art of self-defence and discipline. Learn the fundamental techniques and increase your speed, skills and fitness through bag and pad work, and physical cardio conditioning. We offer an environment to help you achieve your goals, whether that is in learning self-defence, competing, or just generally increasing your overall fitness


Zumba fitness is an all over body workout featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance. Move along to your favourite top 40 songs, and learn the choreographed high energy dance moves. Zumba is also suitable for those who wish to work at a lower intensity and offers low impact options.

Beep Test

Beep Test is a fitness test which requires participants to run back and forth between two lines spaced 20 metres apart within a timeframe indicated by a series of pre-recorded beeps

A beep start slowly, but gradually increase in speed with each new ‘level’, requiring the participants to increase their speed up. Once the participant fails to meet the opposite line within the designated time, they have reached their maximum level.

Ballet/ Contemporary

Contemporary dance is a combination of different dance techniques and genres to make the genre Contemporary. It allows the use of free, flowing movement whilst also utilising simple Ballet techniques. The music choice used for Contemporary is normally quite soft with isolated and emphasized beats which used to show light and shade within the movement. The best part of Contemporary is that it’s all self-expression; you dance how your feel and move in a way the music makes you.


Boxing is a sport that requires mental focus and physical power. PCYC classes cater to all fitness levels from beginner to advance and aid to develop skills, technique and strength through various drills using pads, gloves, skipping ropes and body weighted exercises. The sport encourages self-confidence, ability and focus.