Gym and Fitness

PCYC Hills District is fully air conditioned and fitted out with Synergy Fitness equipment. 24/7 access available.

Features available to gym members include:

  • 24/7 access
  • Air conditioning
  • Large range of strength and cardio equipment
  • Group fitness classes: 50 Plus and Zumba

For more information on the gym, and any of our great programs contact PCYC Hills District today on 07 3855 1980.

Note: Minors aged under 18 years will need to complete a Gym Induction before accessing the gym . Members aged under 16 years will require supervision by an adult guardian.

Gym and fitness classes at PCYC Hills District

24/7 Gym

PCYC Hills District Gym+Fitness centre provides an affordable and high quality gym!

Our air-conditioned gym has new equipment with everything you need for a great workout. To see what you’re missing out on, ask for the 7 Days Free Gym Pass and give our Gym+Fitness centre a go for a week!

Activ8 Fundamentals

Activ8 Fundamentals

Master the Fundamentals of Fitness!

PCYC Queensland’s exclusive two stage program offers Gym+Fitness members 12+ weeks of guided support from qualified Trainers – completely free of charge! Designed to help you gain and maintain momentum during your workouts, this informative program is available to both new and existing Gym+Fitness members.

12 week program to boost your confidence in the gym

If you’re after a strength or cardio workout – PCYC Queensland Gym+Fitness centres have you covered! Our Fundamentals gym program covers High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), full, lower and upper body workouts, to ensure a comprehensive approach to your fitness. Whether this is your first time in a gym, you have some experience working out, or you’re a dedicated daily gym user, your Trainer will identify your fitness level:

■ Beginner
■ Intermediate
■ Advanced

PCYC Queensland recommends completing one workout level for four weeks, before progressing to the next level. This means if you start as a Beginner, you will eventually progress through 12 weeks of this exclusive gym program; in addition to your booked education sessions – taking approximately one month to complete an entire level of Fundamentals.

8 education sessions to build your health & fitness knowledge

Optimise your Gym+Fitness experience by participating in up to eight education sessions* with a qualified Trainer, to build your health and fitness knowledge including:

1. Preparation
Learn the benefits of static and dynamic stretches, preparing you for successful sessions, both pre and post workout.

2. Recovery
Engage in recovery methods from foam rolling to rest days and minimise muscle soreness.

3. Cardio Machines
Become familiar with cardio machines from safety, adjustments, speed to resistance range.

4. Pin Loaded Machines
Gain the confidence to use weights throughout your training.

5. Foundation Movements Part 1
Discover the body’s first three basic movement patterns; hip hinge, squat and lunge.

6. Foundation Movements Part 2
Master push, pull and core movements to build a strong foundation for your fitness journey.

7. Free Weights
Benefit from the functional purpose and the versatility of free weights within your workouts.

8. Program Essentials
Learn gym terminology and understand your energy needs to workout safely and effectively.

*Program Essentials session must be completed, at a minimum, before commencing 12 week gym program.