Sports and Recreation

Community Sports Centre

A community sports centre in the heart of Paddington and Milton, offering classes for both adults and children. Take on the challenge to learn a martial arts or sport.  Classes include Boxing, Judo and Wrestling all in the one place. Whether you are wanting to train competitively or just for recreational enjoyment the coaches have a massive amount of experience and will help you every step of the way.

PCYC Lang Park is also home to the Lang Park Basketball club.


Sport and recreational activities at PCYC Lang Park

Martial Arts

Junior s 8yrs +
Seniors 16yrs +
Judo is an Olympic sport enjoyed around the world by all ages While stressing the sporting nature of judo, the style still retains the techniques and training that makes it ideal for self- defence for example throws, ground holds, break falls, rolling, grappling and hold down techniques. Seniors also use arm locks and strangling techniques.

Juniors 8+ years
Seniors 12+ years

The first hour is fitness for boxing – skipping, running, jumping & arm work. The second hour is competitive training i.e. sparring & fighting techniques. Bring – skipping rope, boxing gloves, water bottle.

Olympic Wrestling

Wrestling is a great sport that’s fun, vigorous and competitive. It is a sport that can assist is developing variety of fitness, motor, gymnastic, mental and social skills. The Lang Park PCYC has set up a dedicated wrestling room with professional mats, kettlebells, throwing dummies, climbing ropes and other associated equipment. Olympic wresting is an ideal opportunity to participate in an Olympic sport that caters for people in various shapes, sizes and weights to compete in this body contact sport against individuals of their own weight.  Male and female participants ages 6 and up are welcome.


PCYC Lang Park, home of the Lang Park Lions has a rich history in basketball that runs deep into the heart of many members.

We have teams for boys and girls from Under 9’s through to Seniors.

Email [email protected] to register your interest in playing in one of our teams.

Little n Active

PCYC Queensland’s exclusive new Little n Active Program takes a fun and creative approach to introducing children under 5 to physical activity.

Held in a safe and welcoming space where active parental participation is key, Little n Active classes are designed to promote children’s curiosity, encourage problem solving, increase comprehension and develop social skills.

Little n Active classes cater for different ages and developmental stages, and can be modified to match children’s developmental needs. Each progressive lesson provides children with activities to build fundamental movement and improve their physical ability, using engaging themed environments that lend themselves to movement.

Little Munchkins: 18 months to 2.5 years

Little Munchkin classes are designed for confident walkers who are keen to explore the world with their body.

Little Munchkins are learning to run and jump, and they like to play alone or alongside other children.

They like to imitate and can respond to simple directions.


Little Sprouts: 2.5 to 4 years

Little Sprouts classes are designed for children who can run and jump confidently.

Little Sprouts are learning to hop, jump down form low heights, kick on the move and balance along a narrow beam.

They are starting to play with other children, can share (with a little help) and enjoy dramatic play.

Little Tykes: 4 to 5 years

Little Tykes classes are designed for children who are becoming independent.

These classes help children learn to listen, follow instructions, cooperate with others and the activities are more challenging.

Little Sibs: 18 months to 5 years

Little Sibs is a class for families where one grownup attends with two siblings under five.

The content in this class includes a variety of activities that cater to various developmental stages and allows for reduced adult assistance.


Little n Active benefits

* Creative play that develops physical, emotional and social literacy
* Fun and creative activities using themed environments
* Safe and active program that engages children and parents and encourages connection and bonding
* Builds fundamental movement and improves physical ability
* Promotes curiosity, encourages problem solving and develops social skills

Bookings are essential and places are limited. Call us now 07 3369 2647