Gym and Fitness

Gym and fitness classes at PCYC Redcliffe

Fitness Centre

Opening Hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 6am to 9pm
  • Saturday: 7am to 4pm

Fully equipped air conditioned fitness centre with free weights, treadmills, rowing machines, bikes, cross trainers and cardio machines.  A large space so you don’t feel overwhelmed by other when doing your exercises.  Access to accredited fitness instructors to help you work out a program that suits your needs   and if you are unsure of how to use the gym equipment we are able to help you here as well.

Variety of packages available from casual visit to monthly, yearly payment plans; no contracts apply.


Active 50+ Fitness / Move for Life

Group fitness  classes tailored to our mature (50+) members who are looking for low impact, high energy, fun and social fitness class.  Classes are designed to improve bone density, muscle mass, cardio capacity and functional movement through the use of a range of cardio and weight bearing exercises.  The program is designed for all levels of fitness and physcial abilities; do as little or as much as you want during the class.

Why not stop for a cuppa with our monthly get together after class?  Meet up with friends or make new friends along the way.

Casual and 10 pass payment options available.


Bootcamp BOXFIT: Punch and kick your way to a leaner, stronger and fitter you with a variety of drills and exercises designed to get the heart rate up and the body fat down! Scaled & suitable for all fitness levels, all equipment provided.

Bootcamp FIT: Functional Interval Training (FIT) sessions will build functional strength, conditioning and skill in a supportive and encouraging environment to ensure you get the maximum benefit from every session.  Ideal for those just starting out or returning to their fitness journey while also designed to ensure even those with a higher level of fitness will benefit.

Bootcamp BURN: Cardio training combined with resistance exercises has proven to be one of the most effective ways to torch body fat, build toned muscle and improve your cardio capacity, and this is what these sessions will do with a mixture of resistance exercises and cardio routines.  Scaled and suitable for all fitness levels.

Bootcamp BALANCE: typically, a gym-based session designed to work on muscular balance and strength.  Scaled and suitable for all fitness levels.

Bootcamp BEAST:  This is our signature strength & conditioning session.  Each unique session is designed to challenge even the most seasoned gladiator! It is recommended that participants first develop a base level of skill and conditions via our Bootcamp FIT, Burn and Balance sessions before taking on the BEAST!

PT Sessions and Beep Test Training

PT Sessions:  Our personal trainer can design a program specifically for your strength, fitness or weight management needs at a price to suit every budget.

Enquires: [email protected]  | Mobile: 0421 313 453

BEEP Test Training: Beep test training and assessment available  as part of recruitment / entry process to Queensland Fire & Rescue and Queensland Police Services.

Enquires: 3385 1900