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Sport and recreational activities at PCYC Rockhampton

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Our brand new program commenced on 15th July 2019 with KinderGym & Recreational Gymnastics classes. Our timetable includes classes that cater for children from walking through to 12 years.  We also have an awesome purpose-built Ninja Warrior frame. Our classes are currently on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturdays. Please view our timetable to see what classes are available. Bookings are essential. Private lessons available.

KinderGym- help your child build skills for life!

Our KinderGym program is a movement program for children under five years that involves you, their parent or caregiver. KinderGym can help your child build skills for life in a fun and active environment. KinderGym classes are structured sessions that introduce basic skills and strength building activities, where interaction between you and your child is a key developmental component. Our program is designed to develop children’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical abilities and adopts the Gymnastics Australia KinderGym guiding principles. Classes are conducted by qualified and accredited coaches and encourage children to build motor skills and coordination, social skills and confidence.

Our KinderGym Classes: 

Gym Play. Walking through to Prep Age. Parent involvement not required. 1 hour session.

Created from the class currently known as Playtime. It is an unstructured open play session for children walking – prep to do as they please, as well as developing their fine & gross motor skills. Parent involvement is not required. A qualified coach will be present to interact with the children & encourage them to develop their skills. It will include some of the equipment from Playtime & some of the new equipment. Gym Play doesn’t require bookings or term payment. It’s attend as you please. The cost will be $7.00 per class.

KinderGym Mini Movers. 3.5 years through to Prep. Parent involvement not required. 45 minute session. 

Structured sessions that introduce basic skills and strength building activities to build motor skills, coordinator, social skills & confidence. This class is for children who are starting to show signs of being more independent as parents are not needed to assist.

Recreational Gymnastics- Fun and fitness for everyone!

Our Recreational Gymnastics classes offer inclusive, progressive and non-competitive developmental pathways for ages and abilities. Gymnastics is a great foundation for any age and if you start here you can achieve anywhere. Our recreational gymnastics programs allow you to advance through our syllabus at your own pace, with awards at each level. As our award levels follow a uniform state-wide syllabus, you can change class and location if required knowing you will continue to receive consistent quality teaching at any PCYC Queensland gymnastics club. All our  gymnastics coaches are accredited, and our syllabus has been specifically developed to provide a structured learning program in a non-competitive environment. At every level our classes are designed to be fun, educational and improve your movement skills for life!

Our Recreational Gymnastics classes (no parent involvement required):

Prep 1. 5 years old. 45 minute session.

A beginner class for Prep aged members without any gymnastics experience. Classes are on movement stations and the child’s ability to follow instruction and manage their bodies in group instruction.

Prep 2. 5 years old. 1 hour session.

A third or fourth term class for Prep aged members who have done Prep 1 (White Award). Classes focus on coordinator, basic conditioning, basic tumbling & vaulting.

Gym 1. 6 & 7 years old. 1 hour session.

A beginner class for 6-7 year old members without gymnastics experience. Classes focus on coordinator, basic conditioning, basic tumbling & vaulting. Access to the Ninja Warrior Frame (not every class).

Gym 2. 6-10 years old. 1 hour session.

A beginner class for 8 years & older children or for members 6 years and older with some experience or having completed Gym 1 (Green Award). Classes focus on coordination, basic conditioning, basic tumbling & vaulting. Access to the Ninja Warrior Frame (not every class).

Gym 3. 8 years & older. 1 hour session.

A class for members who have completed Gym 2 (Red Award), or for experienced older students. Classes focus on conditioning, climbing, tumbling & vaulting. Access to the Ninja Warrior Frame (not every class).

Ninja Warrior Class. 7-12 years. 1 hour session. (No QGA required).

Our purpose-built Ninja Warrior frame allows students to hang, swing, climb, balance & more. Within this class students will also be able to learn parkour & basic tumbling that will lead into flips etc.

Martial Arts


Monday, 6pm- 7pm Juniors, 7pm- 9pm Seniors; Saturday 9.30am- 11am Juniors & Seniors. Judo is a dynamic sport that demands physical prowess & great mental discipline. It involves techniques that allow you to lift & throw your opponent, then pin them to the ground & control them. 5 years & older. 


Monday & Thursday 3.30pm- 4.30pm Beginners; Monday & Thursday 4.30pm- 5.30pm Intermediate; Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 4.30pm- 7.00pm Advanced. Our Trampoline program caters for those who want to become confident in their body movement, build strength , challenge their mind & body, develop their posture & agility, keep fit & have fun developing their spatial awareness. 6 years & older.

Waiting list may apply.

Baton Twirling

Saturday 9.00am-11.00am. Baton Twirling is a athletic & artistic sport combining dance, marching, gymnastics, choreography as well as baton skills.  It’s physical, challenging and heaps of fun! 6 years & older.


Tuesday 9.00am- 11.00am. PCYC Slimmers is a group whose main aim is sensible weight loss and leading an overall healthy lifestyle. Social weekly meetings and weigh-ins assist you to keep on track to reaching your overall goal. All ages welcome.

Men’s Shed

Tuesday & Thursday’s 9.00am onwards.

The men’s shed is dedicated to;

  • giving males a sense of mateship & belonging.
  • Providing a men’s’ health support service.
  • Giving retirees & unemployed a strong sense of self-worth.
  • Providing youth with guidance & self-esteem, through the provision of basic trade knowledge & to enhance their employment prospects.
  • Strengthen the whole community through undertaking various support projects.


Monday- Thursday 4.30pm – 6.00pm. Boxing is a great way to get fit, lose weight, learn self-defence and discipline. 8 years & older.