Youth and Community

Youth and community programs at PCYC South Burnett

Youth Drop In Games Room

Our games room is the perfect space for youth to drop into after school. We have PlayStation games, free WiFi, table tennis, chill out lounges and a large interactive agility game.

No booking required for this room, just come on down during office hours.

Youth Management Teams (YMT)

PCYC Queensland Youth Management Teams (YMT) are a social and leadership development group for high school aged young people who wish to improve their leadership skills and to give back to and connect with their communities. YMTs meet regularly within the clubs, volunteer their time and establish and drive their own projects within the community.

RESTART School Program

PCYC Restart program has been developed for students who are at risk or have been suspended. The program centres around developing students who are at risk or have been suspended. The program centres around developing students social ability and self confidence with the objective that students consciously apply knowledge, skills and strategies to improve outcomes.

The Restart Program is aimed at supporting people who are risk, disadvantaged or disengaged. Developed in Partnership with the Department of Education and delivered with the support of the Queensland Police Service, the restart program provides meaningful and engaging activities for primary and secondary school student who are facing suspension from school. The Restart program provides young people with strategies for problem solving and conflict resolution whilst engaging in club activities and to help increase their self-esteem and self-worth. The Restart program recognizes that many young people require an individualised approach to social and developmental issues, and the program has been designed to effectively target the specific issues young people in our community face.