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Sport & Recreational Activities at PCYC Upper Ross

Judo (Nihon Jujitsu)

Judo (Nihon Jujitsu Style)
Nihon Jujutsu is a system of selfdefence based on techniques found in modern and historical Japanese martial arts. Training includes physical conditioning, and practical methods of evasion, striking, throwing, and immobilization. Taught by a fully qualified martial arts instructor our classes are open to all ages from 5+ yea

Adult Term Fee – $70.00

Child Term Fee – $50.00

Fairplay Vouchers Accepted.

Active Oldies 50+ Fitness Classes

Circuit class for over 50’s catering to all fitness levels. Great for improving fitness and making friends.

Run by our qualified fitness instructors on Tuesday and Friday mornings from 9-10am

$7 per session + PCYC General Membership ($6 per year)