PCYC Lottery

The PCYC Lottery is your chance to support PCYC Queensland’s youth development and crime prevention programs while also going in the draw to win great prizes!

The PCYC Lottery is a charity lottery, also referred to as a raffle or art union. The PCYC Lottery raises significant funds to support youth development for PCYC Queensland in partnership with PCYC New South Wales, St Kilda PCYC, Tasmania PCYC, and Canberra PCYC. Funds raised through PCYC Lottery ticket purchases are distributed to your state of residence. You also have the chance to win amazing prizes!

PCYC Queensland member a lucky Lottery winner!

Congratulations to our lucky member Betty Anne who recently won a Toyota Corolla Ascent.

Betty recently won third prize in our national PCYC Lottery, Betty was shocked and surprised to be given the call to let her know she had won the Toyota Corolla Ascent (picture above). Betty who has been a supporter of the PCYC Lottery since the beginning of 2018 and initially was drawn to supporting PCYC because of the work done with youth to help them grow and develop in a safe environment. Betty said the work that PCYC does to address and work with you around crime prevention programs was extremely beneficial to all communities.

Betty believes the work that PCYC does benefits the youth and provides them a safe and positive alternative especially for those who are at risk, vulnerable and disadvantaged. Without the support of VIP lottery supporters like Betty we wouldn’t be able to support thousands of young Queenslanders every year through youth programs.

You can become a regular VIP supporter or purchase tickets for your chance to win the PCYC Lottery just like Betty head to www.pcyclottery.org.au for all information.

Purchase a ticket in the PCYC Lottery today for your chance to win!

If you would like to speak with someone regarding your PCYC Lottery account, please phone 1300 034 505.