Personal Training

If you are new to training, or to using the gym, or you need to take your exercise to the next level booking a personal training session can really help kick start your fitness routine.  PCYC Queensland offer a wide range of personal training sessions and packages to suit all needs and budgets with fully qualified and friendly trainers.

Personal trainers can help:

  • get faster results – they know what exercises will work the best for your personal goals
  • reduce the chance of injury – knowing how to use equipment and carry out exercises properly is essential to avoid injury
  • overcome plateaus – it can be hard to stay motivated when you hit a plateau and doing the same thing over and over again can stop your body responding in the way you would like
  • with proper fat loss and muscle gain – getting the right balance of losing fat and gaining muscle correctly is essential for you to reach your goals
  • with diet and nutrition – making the right food choices will help you reach your goals faster and develop lifelong healthy eating habits

If you would like our assistance to reach your fitness goals please contact your local club to find out more.


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