PCYC Queensland Gym Booking Form FAQs

Where do I Book my Gym or Group Fitness Training Session?

To book either a Gym or Group Fitness (currently only available at specific clubs) training session at your PCYC Queensland Gym, visit your local club web page. You will see a list of available booking forms, which appear as blue hyperlinks. Each booking form is clearly labelled with a weekly date range, for example, Monday 22 June – Sunday 28 June. Simply click on the relevant form hyperlink to book your session!

These lists are updated every Tuesday to include the booking form for the following week, so you can plan your workouts in advance! If your gym has more than one training area, there will be separate booking form for each applicable room, such as cardio or weights. This enables us to keep our gyms COVID Safe by limiting the number of people in enclosed spaces.

How do I Enrol in the System to the Make my First Gym or Group Fitness Booking Online?

You must enrol in the system used by PCYC Queensland to make a Gym or Group Fitness Session booking. This enrolment ensures you can be contacted if required, or update your booking. You can enrol in the system and make your Gym or Group Fitness booking at the same time! Simply click on the relevant booking form blue hyperlink on your local club web page to access the booking system. Enter your first name, last name, email address twice to confirm and your mobile phone number in the text fields beneath the Athlete Details heading.

Proceed to select each time slot you would to attend, as displayed in the timetable. A green circle with a white tick will appear in each session you have successfully selected. Please note there is a limit of one session booking per day, to ensure all gym members have an opportunity to train. Sessions which have reached maximum gym member capacity will appear as FULL. If you select a particular time slot in error, simply click the session period again to deselect and the green circle will disappear.

Read the disclaimer information and agree to the conditions by ticking the checkbox. Enter the CAPTCHA security code and click the green Submit button. Congratulations – you are successfully enrolled! You will receive two automated emails; one containing your username and password for using the booking system, and another confirming your Gym or Group Fitness training session.

Do I have to Enrol in Each Weekly Booking Form?

Each time you access a different Gym or Group Fitness session booking form, enrolling ensures we can maintain an accurate record of who attended the gym each week. This ensures we can keep our Gyms COVID Safe. Once you have initially enrolled in the system, you can use your login details (sent via email automatically, when you first enrolled) to enrol quickly in any other weekly form, without having to enter your contact information again! Simple enter your username and password, then click the blue Load Details button. This will load your details into the form automatically! Then you can proceed to select your preferred Gym or Group Fitness session time slots.


I've Re-entered my Details But I have Enrolled Before!

If you have already enrolled into the booking system previously, but forgot to use your login details to enrol quickly for the next weekly booking period – that’s okay! You can still use the same username and password automatically sent to you via email the first time you enrolled, to enrol faster in the next weekly booking form.

However, we do ask gym members not to enrol multiple times in a single weekly booking form, as this can affect session attendance limits. Instead, simply login as a gym member to the system to cancel or change a Gym or Group Fitness session. Alternatively, contact your local club directly, via email or phone, as listed on your club web page.

How do I Change or Cancel my Gym or Group Fitness Booking?

To change or cancel a Gym or Group Fitness session booking, please login as a gym member to the booking system by visiting: https://pcycqld.accelerware.com/login/
Enter your username and password, emailed to you automatically upon first enrolling in the system, then click the grey Login button.

Once logged into your account, select the My Enrolments tab on the left sidebar menu, within the Calendar drop down menu. The current weekly booking form you enrolled in will be listed on the web page. Click the grey circle with a white arrow on the far right side, to view the session details of your enrolment.

Click the blue Change Enrolment button.

Simply select any Gym or Group Fitness time slots you wish to attend, so a green circle with a white tick appears, or click the session again to deselect the time slot. Then click the green Save button.

If you would like further assistance, contact your local club via the email or phone number listed on the relevant club web page.

I've Forgotten my Booking Password - Can PCYC Queensland Help?

If you ever forget or misplace your Gym or Group Fitness booking password or username, you can visit the gym member login: https://pcycqld.accelerware.com/login/ and select the blue Click Here hyperlink beside ‘Forgot your password?

A text field will appear for you to enter your email address. Then click the green Lookup Password button. You will receive an email containing your username and a temporary password. Return to the gym member login: https://pcycqld.accelerware.com/login
Then enter your username and temporary password.

Once logged in, select the Change Password option from the drop down menu within the Personal Settings tab in the left sidebar menu.

Enter your temporary password into the Old Password text field and type a new password twice to confirm. Then click the green Save button.

For further assistance with changing your password, email: [email protected]