Operation Ignite

Operation Ignite aims to bring a concentrated version of the PCYC Queensland Emergency Services Cadets (ESC) program experience to regional and rural communities in a two-day training program led by community services and supported by the Emergency Services Cadets. Operation Ignite provides an opportunity for emergency services to engage with young people in the community who aspire to join the services, to provide them with drills and scenario-based training to build community resilience.

Operation Ignite is open to all young people aged 10 – 17 years and typically operates during the school holidays (location dependent).

Operation Ignite aims to:

  • Provide marginalised young people opportunities to develop skills that are valuable within their community
  • Help build community capacity through scaffolded community engagement events
  • Promote bushfire awareness, storm safety and other emergency preparedness campaigns
  • To celebrate, promote and strengthen interoperability within small communities
  • To expand the footprint of positive impact of the ESC program beyond traditional unit setting

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