About Us

Police-Citizens Youth Clubs (PCYC) Queensland is a leading provider of youth and community programs, services and facilities.

Whilst focusing on young people’s personal and leadership development, PCYC Queensland offers activities and programs for all ages and all levels. From outside school hours care and KinderGym for the younger years, to gymnastics, boxing, dance and martial arts, 24/7 gym+fitness centres and so much more. Simply find out what your local club has to offer.

As a trusted and respected registered charity our staff and volunteers have been working with the Queensland Police Service (QPS) to meet local community needs since 1948. Today, PCYC Queensland supports more than 73,000 members across 54 clubs from Torres Strait to the Gold Coast and beyond.

Together we are building safer, healthier communities through youth development.

PCYC Queensland’s three pillars – youth development, crime prevention and community engagement – underpin all that we do. Our programs and activities encourage social cohesion, address whole of community needs and positively impact local communities. Approximately 95% of our clubs are in low socio-economic areas, with 60% in the top 50 high needs areas of Queensland.

Importantly, our clubs play a vital role in the lives of over 50,000 young people each year to have positive experiences, get involved in a range of sports and activities, and benefit from great mentors and community leaders including our serving police officers. Many of the young people we support are at risk, disadvantaged or disengaged.

You make the difference. Get involved, find out how or donate now.

Almost 90% of our work is funded through kind donations and our fee-for-services. The remaining is from various levels of government funding, including for our Indigenous programs funded on an annual basis, and significant in-kind and some monetary support from our QPS partners. Any surplus revenue goes straight back into our programs and facilities, as well as the communities in which we serve.

PCYC Queensland recognises our work in supporting and addressing young people at risk, disadvantaged or disengaged is far from done and more support is needed. With increased financial support, we can be in a stronger position to continue to deliver recurring initiatives that give young people purpose, focus and motivation to make positive choices.

It all starts here at PCYC Queensland…where it ends is up to you!