One of our most valuable assets is our strong group of loyal and dedicated volunteers.  At any one time thousands of members of the community are engaged in volunteering activities to support PCYC Queensland deliver its programs and activities.

With an ever-growing range of volunteer roles, PCYC Queensland is always looking at ways our volunteers can support the community, and enable those looking to gain new skills, confidence and friendship in a safe and welcoming environment.

PCYC Queensland has built a reputation of providing outstanding support and development for our volunteers, and with your continued support we are able to engage even further with the community though our programs and events.

Join our team of volunteers now, and have fun while gaining new skills and making new friends!

We look forward to hearing from you.



My name is Victoria and like many others, I have a PCYC story. As I entered my final year of university, I was ready to extend my knowledge of marketing beyond the lecture hall or tutorial room. I applied for an internship and was lucky enough to be offered a place within the Marketing, Media, Communication & Fundraising Team. I was excited about the opportunity and ready to start working!

The collaborative nature of the team allowed me to work with a range of managers, assisting with social media, fundraising, blogs and even getting involved in our events. I was thrown in the deep end, introduced to new platforms and developing my knowledge in a way I couldn’t just sitting in my university classes. I always felt supported and knew there was a team member with words of wisdom to help solve any issue I came across. I got to show my creative side by coming up with content ideas and was excited to work at our 70th anniversary Gala Ball, where we saw months of hard work come into action.

After several months, my time as a PCYC Queensland intern came to an end, but this was by no means the end of my journey. After developing strong bonds with my team, I stayed on as a volunteer, helping with events such as the Ekka. In October, I returned to the MMCF team in a paid position. I was excited to re-join the team and begin working on our new website. As I begin 2019, I reflect on the many opportunities PCYC Queensland has given me and am looking forward to continuing my work this year.


My name is Simone and I too have a journey with PCYC Queensland. At the end of 2018, I was in my final year of university and had enrolled in a unit specifically designed for gaining industry experience through internships. After utilising my university networks, I contacted and interviewed with PCYC Queensland and was offered the incredible opportunity to work within the Media, Marketing, Communication & Fundraising (MMC&F) Team. As I had recently discovered my passion for the not-for-profit industry, I couldn’t wait to be working within a community-based organisation.

Working as the Fundraising Intern within such a close-knit and collaborative team setting, I not only had the opportunity to perform day to day fundraising tasks, but also experienced working with social media tools, creative content writing and executing annual events. I was introduced to a wide variety of new fundraising and engagement databases and platforms that I hadn’t even heard of before, and I now use them all on a daily basis. I can safely say that I would never have developed the knowledge and skills I have from this internship within a university classroom. I have been able to execute strategic thinking skills, showcase my creative practices and pinpoint my passion for fundraising and community engagement.

After completing my required hours as an intern for PCYC Queensland and forming positive connections with my team members, I was more than happy to continue helping them out and offered my time as a volunteer. I continued our work for some time before being offered a casual paid position as the Fundraising Assistant, and less than two months later, I was offered a full-time permanent position as the Fundraising Officer. As a very recent university graduate, I was thrilled to be employed full-time so quickly! I cannot believe how much more I have learnt within this transition process and cannot wait to see how much more I learn and achieve within PCYC Queensland going forward.