Mission and Vision


PCYC Queensland in partnership with the QPS, provides young people with an environment that supports individual development, encourages community connection, and celebrates diversity. Our services and programs aim to develop and support, as well as challenge and inspire and are designed to meet the unique needs of communities right across Queensland. Each day our staff, volunteers and QPS officers work with our members to help them reach their potential and make positive life choices. Together, we are building safer, healthier communities through youth development.


Building safer, healthier communities through youth development.


We engage with our members in a respectful and inclusive manner and empower them to cultivate safer, healthier communities. Our membership base is drawn from all parts of the community, including young people.


Respect • Leadership • Commitment • Passion • Teamwork


Growth: Ensure the delivery of sustainable services and programs to our diverse membership by creating opportunities to increase funding and human resources.
Efficiency: Provide our members with a quality service and program offering that is aligned with organisational purpose.
One PCYC Queensland: Convey a consistent experience for our members and partners elevating awareness of our service and program offerings.

Please see our publications for more information about PCYC Queensland.