Sports and Recreation

Sport and recreational activities at PCYC Carindale


Gymnastics Pathway Program

Non-Competitive pathway for all ages and abilities, allowing you to advance through our progressive state-wide syllabus at your own pace with awards at each level (Prep 1 – Prep 2 – Gym 1 – Gym 7). Classes available Monday – Friday from 3:30pm and Saturday morning from 8:30am.

Gymnastics Development Program

Invitation Only

Boys Gymnastics

Boys Gymnastics is the perfect sport to teach your son focus and self-discipline – skills that can assist with their learning and concentration. It aims to assist in the child to build strength and enhances co-ordination and agility, allowing the body to move like lightning. Boys Gymnastics develops posture and confident body movement, including the ability to land safely, challenges the mind and body to reach new goals as well as develops healthy minds and bodies for now and later life

Little 'N' Active Program

Little Munchkins: 18 months to 2.5 years

Little Munchkin classes are designed for confident walkers who are keen to explore the world with their body. Little Munchkins are learning to run and jump, and they like to play alone or  alongside other children. They like to imitate and can respond to simple directions.

Little Sprouts: 2.5 to 4 years

Little Sprouts classes are designed for children who can run and jump confidently. Little Sprouts are learning to hop, jump down from low heights, kick on the move and balance along a narrow beam. They are starting to play with other children, can share (with a little help) and enjoy dramatic play.

Little Tykes: 4 to 5 years

Little Tykes classes are designed for children who are becoming independent. These classes help children learn to listen, follow instructions, cooperate with others and the activities are more challenging.

Little Sibs: Crawling to 5 years

Little Sibs is a class for families where one grown up attends with two siblings under five. The content in this class includes a variety of activities that cater to various developmental stages and
allows for reduced adult assistance.



These classes are designed for those not wanting to head down the path of entering into our Trampoline Challenge events each term. Participants in this class are given the opportunity to develop their skills in safe progressions.


These classes are designed for those wanting to enter into our Trampoline Challenge events each term. Participants in this class are given the opportunity to develop their skills in safe progressions as well as learning competition routines.

Free G (Parkour)

Parkour (under the name FreeG) is about using your body to overcome obstacles in your environment and deal with fear. We use our bodies and minds to challenge our limits and create
new possibilities with movement. We develop our creativity, strength, and attitude to become better versions of ourselves. Coach Alex has been involved with Parkour in Brisbane since 2009 – training, teaching, and developing instructors. He is qualified as a parkour instructor, school teacher, personal trainer, and gymnastics coach.