Youth and Community

Youth and community programs at PCYC Carindale

Youth Shed Mentoring Program

Facilitated by Sgt David Beard, Branch Manager, PCYC Carindale, this program is designed to improve the self-esteem, confidence and communication of young males aged between 13 to 17 years.  The program is well supported by volunteers from PCYC, the Rotary Club and Carina Men’s Shed.  The Youth Shed Mentoring Program runs over a 10 week period whereby the participants (10 maximum) meet once a week for a period of 2-3 hours and collectively partake in the construction of a mutually agreed project.  (IE Park Bench, Community Library, Billy Carts, etc).  The participants are taught the skills of using tools such as drills, saws and hammers, and work together to build the item.  Each element of the session is overseen by volunteers and the QPS Officer.  At the conclusion of the project, the participants receive great satisfaction in their workmanship, long lasting friendships, improved relationships with Police and above all, improved self-esteem and direction in life. All volunteers are registered with the PCYC, possess Blue Cards and are fine upstanding members of the community.

Deep Blue Line

Deep Blue Line is a police mentoring program which aims at enhancing young people’s positive sense of self, boost self-esteem, provide a variety of positive life experiences, encourage goal setting behaviours and expose participants to healthy role models. The program is gender specific and can be adapted to cater for young males or females as a small group of up to 10 participants and two facilitators. Weekly sessions deliver life-skills based sessions and interactions with mentors based around the key learning areas of communication, wellbeing and positive futures.

RUBY (Rise Up, Be Yourself)

RUBY (Rise Up, Be Yourself) is a free physical fitness program for women who are, have been, or likely to be experiencing Domestic and Family Violence (DFV).

Held weekly at a number of PCYCs across Queensland, RUBY is designed to empower women by building physical strength and contributing to general well-being, emotional resilience, self-esteem and confidence through physical exercise in a violence free and safe environment. The unique program gives participants a different outlet and tools to combat the DFV cycle by fostering connected relationships with other women in a safe, group environment. Sessions are facilitated by a qualified, female PT and a female member of the QPS attends and participates.

RUBY can be a conduit for the needs of the women, and help to create a culture of change and facilitate them to a place of survivorship. It can link participants into existing local services for support, information, referrals and resources and the partnership with the QPS ensures that positive relationships are formed with participants, and direct support is provided.

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Braking the Cycle

PCYC Braking the Cycle (BTC) is our volunteer driver mentor program designed to support learner drivers without access to a supervisor or registered vehicle to complete their logbook hours. The aim of the program is to provide young people with increased employment opportunities, community connection and driver education.

Here’s what a couple of our existing volunteers had to say…

“It is so rewarding to give back and I have met some amazing people both staff and young people.”
Driver Mentor, Nambour

“Initially I was a little apprehensive about the role of a BTC mentor, but since “going live” I have found that my apprehensions were unnecessary and I enjoy the experience and it’s challenges and would definitely recommend the mentor role to others.”
Driver Mentor, Caloundra