Become a PCYC Queensland Member

PCYC Queensland Club Membership provides you with access to our clubs for you to unlock your own potential! You can choose from a broad range of activities (from boxing, gymnastics and dance to martial arts and so much more), programs, outside school hours care, gym+fitness, and more for everyone.  Additional fees and charges may apply depending on what you choose.

There is definitely something for everyone at every PCYC Queensland Club!

Please complete the online Club Membership form below.

Annual membership fees are:

Adult               $30
U18                  $20
Family*           $60
Senior 60+     $6

Your annual Club Membership fee can be paid at the club when you attend your first session.

Please read our Membership Policy and Terms and Conditions before you submit the form.   The Club Code of Conduct must be adhered to at all times.

As a Club Member you are entitled to:

*Please refer to the Membership Policy (Terms and Conditions), which includes the definition of a family.

QPS Club Member

PCYC Queensland is pleased to offer club membership to our Queensland Police Service (QPS) partners. The QPS Club Membership is a sponsored club membership that enables serving QPS Officers, Police Liaison Officers (PLO), and QPS Civilian Staff access to any PCYC Queensland club gym at no additional cost.

Please complete the QPS Club Membership Form and take it to your nearest club.

Legacy Club Member

PCYC Queensland is pleased to offer a special Legacy Club Membership for families who have lost a loved one in the line of duty. Membership is open to eligible* family members and their dependent children of the Queensland Police Service (QPS), Police Liaison Officers (PLOs), Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) personnel, Queensland Fire & Emergency Services (QFES) personnel and Australian Defence Force ((ADF) including Army, Navy, Airforce) personnel who have sadly passed away in the line of duty. The Returned and Services League (RSL) of Australia Queensland Branch, Queensland Police Legacy, QAS Legacy, QFES and Legacy Australia Queensland Branch may refer families+.

Membership, which is available at all our clubs across the state, entitles families free of charge access to programs, activities^, gyms and outside school hours care services. Families who wish to take advantage of this offer are asked to contact one of the referring agencies above who will assist with the application process, then contact their local PCYC club to discuss the range of programs on offer. Once a family has registered they can then take advantage of the facilities and activities available across PCYC Queensland. Please click here to view the Legacy Club Membership Terms and Conditions.

* As defined by the ABS as two or more persons, one of whom is at least 15 years of age, who are related by blood, marriage (registered or de facto), adoption, step or fostering, and who are usually resident in the same household. Residential address must be in Queensland.

^ Eligible activities may differ between PCYC Queensland clubs, due to contractor agreements. Please clarify with the chosen PCYC Queensland club regarding their eligible Legacy Club Membership activities.

+ Subject to a current memorandum of understanding (MOU); contact PCYC Queensland to find out more.

QPCYWA Company Member

If you would like a say in how our charitable not-for-profit is run then why not become a Company Member of our governing body, the Queensland Police-Citizens Welfare Association (QPCYWA). Find out more about our governance and complete the Company Membership Form. You can print or download and complete the editable Application form then post or email it to us. Details are included in the form.