Youth and Community

Youth and Community Programs at PCYC Cairns

Braking the Cycle

Braking the Cycle is our volunteer driver mentor program designed to support learner drivers without access to a supervisor or registered vehicle to complete their logbook hours. The aim of the program is to provide young people with increased employment opportunities, community connection and driver education.

Participants are matched with a specific volunteer from our extensive and experienced driver mentor network. Mentors provide encouragement and help young people improve their self-esteem and develop positive road safety attitudes.

With the support of government, community and corporate partners, Braking the Cycle is currently offered at 33 PCYC clubs across Queensland. Since its inception in 2012, Braking the Cycle has received 19 awards from the Australian Road Safety Awards, Queensland Reconciliation Awards and Regional Achievement & Community Awards, and most recently won a silver award in the 2017 National National Crime and Violence Prevention Awards.

Cypher Group

Cypher is a hip hop jam space, it is a place where any hip hop dancer whether they do b’boying, jerking, krumping, hip hop, dancers can learn from one and other informally.

Cypher means then in hip hop parlance, Be they DJ’s, dancers, or graffiti writers, all the different artists come together to make the collective.

At Cypher there isn’t a dancer teacher set up where a teacher goes through dance sequences step by step and the whole class follows. The jam space is self-paced and self-directed session where informal learning happens. Yes there are more experienced dancers who are present to share and help other dancers but they do not teach full-time. For more information please email our coordinator.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

PCYC is Queensland’s largest provider of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, a multi-stage self-development program available to young people ages 14 to 25 that encourages them to set their own goals and challenges, work towards achieving them, and then be recognised at the end for sustaining the commitment they have made.

For further information on how to get involved please contact PCYC Queensland’s Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Coordinator on 07 3909 9501 or email [email protected]