Gym and Fitness

PCYC Gold Coast is a 24/7 fully Air Conditioned facility with state of the art equipment, which includes Cardio (treadmills, bikes, climb mill, cross trainers, ski erg), a Functional Area, Weightlifting Platform, Pin Loaded equipment and plenty of free weights. We cater for the elite athlete to the beginner gym person with our fully instructional “how to descriptions” playing on some of the TV’s in the gym. We have fully qualified instructors available at any time if you require any help with your workout, we also offer a 30min introduction to personal training on becoming a full PCYC member.

PCYC Gold Coast stands behind “The Power of Physical Activity”- Regular physical activity improves your mood, enhances the quality of your life, helps you burn off stress — and, most important, it strengthens your body while it burns calories. Physical activity helps your body work the way it is supposed to. Even simple walking is a good, weight-bearing exercise that helps keep muscles — including your heart — strong. The benefits of strength training include injury prevention, improved athletic performance, weight loss, and increased self-esteem.

Contact: PCYC reception, 5538 5201, [email protected]

Gym and fitness classes at PCYC Gold Coast

Box Fit

Aimed to push our members to new limits where basic boxing fundamentals are paired with a range of high intense body weight exercises.

Fit & 50

A functional workout tailored to stay fit in your fifties AND BEYOND!

Core (Pilates)

A class designed to strengthen the core muscle groups through a variety of exercises targeting the abdominal and back.


A mixture of upper, lower, and full body heavy and light weight exercises to strengthen the entire bodies muscles.


Designed to get members to thrive and dig deep with a challenging workout utilising both cardiovascular and strength exercises.

Recovery (Yoga)

A session designed to slow down our members workout intensity, with a focus on recovery and stretching.

Personal Training

Please contact PCYC Reception on (07) 5538 5201 for any information regarding this.

Beep Test

Beep tests are held Monday to Thursday at 8am and 1:30pm for $20. No bookings are required.