Gym and Fitness

PCYC Gold Coast is a 24/7 fully Air Conditioned facility with state of the art equipment, which includes Cardio (treadmills, bikes, climb mill, cross trainers, ski erg), a Functional Area, Weightlifting Platform, Pin Loaded equipment and plenty of free weights. We cater for the elite athlete to the beginner gym person with our fully instructional “how to descriptions” playing on some of the TV’s in the gym. We have fully qualified instructors available at any time if you require any help with your workout, we also offer a 30min introduction to personal training on becoming a full PCYC member.

PCYC Gold Coast stands behind “The Power of Physical Activity”- Regular physical activity improves your mood, enhances the quality of your life, helps you burn off stress — and, most important, it strengthens your body while it burns calories. Physical activity helps your body work the way it is supposed to. Even simple walking is a good, weight-bearing exercise that helps keep muscles — including your heart — strong. The benefits of strength training include injury prevention, improved athletic performance, weight loss, and increased self-esteem.

Costs and options: Full Outright payment and No Contract, No Cancellation Fee, Direct Debit options, call us for pricing options.

Contact: PCYC reception, 5538 5201, [email protected] (After Hours contact Linda Baade Branch Manager -0409 475 378).

Gym + Fitness Age Restrictions must be complied with:
– No gym entry for members under 12 years of age
– Members aged 12-15 years may only enter and train during staffed hours (9am-5pm Mon-Fri) and must be supervised by a parent or legal guardian at all times
– Members aged 16-17 years may enter and train unsupervised during staffed hours provided parent or legal guardian consent has been given.

Gym and fitness classes at PCYC Gold Coast

10 Rounds

10 Rounds is a high intensity boxing session, suitable for everyone. This session will help you improve your fitness, strength and functional movement. Regardless of your fitness or ability exercises can be scaled to suit you. Each session will encompass boxing specific drills, strength and conditioning, and functional training, over 10 x 3min intense rounds. This session will conclude with a short and sharp, heart racing HIIT (High intensity interval training) EMOM (Every minute on the minute) task.


Is an intense cardio-vascular workout, incorporating punching bags, hand weights, body weight and abdominal exercises. Gloves provided if required – no partner necessary. This class gets your heart rate up to burn calories faster. Modifications for all fitness levels are provided.

Cardio Fit

Takes you back to the basics – lift weights, punch bags, kick, skip, burpee, lift, carry, run and sprint your way to a firmer and fitter body. High impact for fitness and fun at the same time.

Mature and Motivated

This is a class that is aimed at the over 50’s, it incorporates some light weights with cardio to keep your bones and your cardiovascular system healthy. A social atmosphere is encouraged!


Movements are practiced with control, concentration, precision and flow. A floor based core workout which includes strengthening and stretching. This low impact classes improves your core, flexibility, postural strength and balance.


A 30 minute all over body workout comprising of high intensity interval training and high intensity weight bearing activities.

Pilates Barre

This class is the perfect blend of deep muscle toning, stretching, balancing, and cardio vascular intervals guaranteed to pump up your heart rate and burn fat! Barre incorporates the fluidity of ballet, the flexibility of yoga, and the core strengthening of Pilates.


Is an intensive and motivational group workout to music on stationary bikes. Pedal in groups, roll over hills, chase the pack, climb mountains and spin your way to burning calories and strengthening your lower body. This is a high calorie burn class which will push your limits.


Yoga is a mind-body programme that helps to develop strength, flexibility, balance, relaxation, co-ordination, joint stability, internal health, peace of mind, and vitality. Yoga slows the breath with movement, calms the mind, and encourages greater mental clarity. Yoga is a great complement to any sport or fitness program. Modifications can be made to ensure suitability for all fitness levels.

Personal Training

Please contact PCYC Reception on (07) 5538 5201 for any information regarding this.

Beep Test

Beep tests are held Monday to Thursday at 8am and 1:30pm for $20. No bookings are required.

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