Sports and Recreation

Sport and recreational activities at PCYC Hervey Bay

Gymnastics/ KinderGym

We believe that gymnastics is amongst the best Physical Education a person can receive.  We know that gymnastics is the foundation for all human movement; and by extension; for other sports.  Programs are progressive allowing for advancement through the skill syllabus at the students own pace.  Our program is a seamless pathway through to any level of gymnastic participation.

Our Recreational program follows a state-wide delivered syllabus, so gymnasts can change class and location if required, while continuing to receive a consistent quality teaching program.  All our coaches are accredited, and our syllabus has been specially developed to provide a structured learning program in a non-competitive environment. At every level our classes are designed to be fun, educational and improve movement skills for life.

Our KinderGym program is a movement-based learning experience for children under five years and their parents or caregivers.  Educational research tells us that children learn best through exploring and discovering their abilities via targeted physical activity.

KinderGym classes are structured sessions, which introduce basic skills and strength building activities.  Our program is designed to inspire motor milestone development, boost confidence and cognitive development and provides a platform for social interaction.

KinderGym provides a safe environment for children to develop physical literacy in a fun playful way


Boxing continues to hold an important place in PCYC Queensland’s history as our foundation offering at PCYC Lang Park, our first official club in 1948. 70 years on, boxing remains one of our most popular activities, with many of our 38 Gym+Fitness centres now also offering boxercise and boxfit classes.


Netball is definitely a crowd favourite in Queensland, and PCYC is excited to be offering netball activities throughout our clubs. This team sport is a great opportunity for fun, fitness and making friends. Netball is a challenging game with fast-paced action, ball skills and a passionate team environment. We strive to provide a friendly environment for participants and are passionate about promoting sportsmanship and developing a love of sport. Our PCYC Queensland clubs offer a range of different team options with junior, adult and mixed social competitions. The netball season may vary between clubs with summer and winter competitions options available.


PCYC Queensland offers a range of soccer competitions for members, including indoor (Futsal) teams. The team environment is a great chance to make friends, improve your fitness and get active. Our futsal program is a five-a-side, indoor sport that creates a healthy competition and love of sport between players. Whether you are a series futsal player, or just wanting to get involved in a fun team sport, PCYC Queensland has a variety of team options available.


Dancing has increased in popularity throughout all  our clubs. PCYC Queensland now offer a range of dancing programs, from hip hop to ballroom dancing, tap, jazz, funk, ballet, to contemporary, line dancing, Zumba and more! Many clubs also offer cheerleading, acrobatic dance and Eisteddford team classes.  Our dance classes cater for children to adults, with baby ballet for kids as young as two, to line dancing to Zumba Gold for over 50’s.

Martial Arts

PCYC Queensland offers a number of martial arts programs throughout our clubs, including Aikido, Ju Jitsu, Judo, Karate, MMA, Muay Thai, Taekwondo and Tai Chi. Martial arts training provides a great platform for children and adults alike to strengthen all aspects of health and fitness, learn self-defence techniques, and improve self-confidence and general wellbeing. All clubs offering martial arts have qualified and experienced  instructors with classes teaching techniques and styles to suit all ages and skill levels.

Free G

Our Free G program is offered throughout various PCYC Queensland Clubs. Free G is a form of freestyle gymnastics that combines traditional gymnastics and acrobatic techniques. The sport helps to develop each individual’s ability to overcome both physical and mental obstacles. Free G is an exciting opportunity to get fit, active and get your body moving in new ways!