Sports and Recreation

Sport and recreational activities at PCYC Inala


Badminton is a great sport that assists in building core muscles as well as giving your arms and back muscles a workout.

Tuesdays & Fridays 6PM – 8PM (social)
*Badminton court booking is not allowed and doubles playing format only, no singles matches*

$8 for current PCYC members & $10 for non-members.

Please note: PCYC Inala no longer supplies shuttles and all participants are to supply their own supply of shuttles.

Martial Arts

Karate: Mondays & Wednesdays 5PM-6PM (Beginners) & 6PM-7PM (Advance)  $8* per child & $10* per adult / $150 per child term pass & $175 per adult term pass

*Non-members add $2 per session

First Week Casual Sessions $5 per class


Boxing is designed to increase fitness stamina coordination and agility within a supportive training environment.  Box for fitness or competitively!

Competition Class : Ages 10+ – 5:30pm-7pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday


Casual – Junior $8  Adult $10 (non-members add $2)

First Week Casual Sessions $5 per class

3 Month Term Pass $195

Direct Debit – Unlimited Sessions – U18 Yrs $16.95*per week or adults for $19.95 per week*

T & C’s

*Ezi debit rates are based on recurring fortnightly direct debits in advance.  Please see Reception for full terms & conditions

Annual PCYC Membership Prices – $30 Adults /$20 U18 / $60 Family



An indigenous running and chasing game similar to Oz Tag where participants wear ‘rippa’ tags on a Velcro belt with the object being to score by passing through the goal with both your tags attached to your belt.  Players on the opposing team will try to pull a tag from your belt before you score, they then become the active player or “Edor”, and try to score before having their tags pulled from their belts.  Team work, fitness and consideration for players of all ages and abilities is encouraged.  This activity is free of charge and supervised by PCYC staff.

At the conclusion of the activity participants are invited to have a healthy snack before leaving PCYC Inala.

Indoor Soccer

An informal game of indoor soccer supervised by PCYC staff and volunteers for children of all ages.  This activity is free of charge and can help improve fitness levels, team work and soccer skills depending on how competitive you are.

At the conclusion of the activity, participants are invited to have a healthy snack before leaving PCYC Inala.

QPS Physical Testing & QEFS Beep Test

Mondays and Tuesdays  5pm – $20 per beep test or per physical testing attempt, must have their fitness indemnity form completed and signed (ID required before doing the beep test)

*All participants must book in prior to their scheduled testing date*