Sports and Recreation

Sport and recreational activities at PCYC Nerang


Youth Basketball

Learn Basketball fundamentals in a structured and fun environment. Skills consist of ball handling, dribbling, passing, defence and footwork.

Celtics Basketball

Our mini-ball program for children aged between 5 and 12 years of age is run by the great team at Celtics Basketball Club. At mini-ball we teach the children hand‑eye coordination through dribbling, passing, catching and shooting. They are also introduced to body movement fundamentals such as running, stopping, jumping and changing direction and use all these skills in a game situation.

Masters Basketball

Each week our group of masters get together for their social basketball session. The session includes warm up, drills and skills to get everyone going and a game to finish off. There are no maximum or minimum age requirements just the desire to get involved and have fun, use it or lose it as some say.

See Timetable for all Sessions.


Boxing PeeWee

Children are able to learn the skills and techniques of boxing, and work on improving their fitness levels. When ready they have the opportunity to compete in amateur bouts (only available to children 10 years and over). Boxing is not just about competing. Individuals develop skills, technique, improve fitness and self confidence. Equipment (boxing mitts) is provided for first timers, but regular attendees will need to purchase their own equipment.

Boxing Novice

Perhaps you did boxing as a kid, or you just want to take up the personal challenge to get fit or get in the ring. There is plenty to learn footwork, hand and body movements, defence and the mental side of the sport. All you need is mitts and wraps and you can start classes at any time.

Boxing Competition

This is for the competitive boxer and entry to this class is by invitation only through our head instructor.

See Timetable for all Sessions


Gym Fun

Gym Fun is back at PCYC Nerang – PCYC Gym Fun club’s primary objective is to provide high quality recreational gymnastics programs and events for children. Our classes are designed to improve each
student’s motor skills, coordination, physical confidence and self-esteem. In order to achieve this goal our instructors balance their classes with fun yet challenging exercises. We encourage our gymnasts to excel under all circumstances. We believe that no one should be turned away because of a lack of natural ability, but rather should be encouraged to demonstrate that hard work and discipline produce exciting results.

Recreational Gymnastics

We believe that gymnastics is amongst the best Physical Education a person can receive.  We know that gymnastics is the foundation for all human movement; and by extension; for other sports.  Programs are progressive allowing for advancement through the skill syllabus at the students own pace.  Our program is a seamless pathway through to any level of gymnastic participation.

Our Recreational program follows a state-wide delivered syllabus, so gymnasts can change class and location if required, while continuing to receive a consistent quality teaching program.  All our coaches are accredited, and our syllabus has been specially developed to provide a structured learning program in a non-competitive environment. At every level our classes are designed to be fun, educational and improve movement skills for life.

See Timetable for Session Times

Little n Active

PCYC Queensland’s exclusive new Little n Active Program takes a fun and creative approach to introducing children under 5 to physical activity.

Held in a safe and welcoming space where active parental participation is key, Little n Active classes are designed to promote children’s curiosity, encourage problem solving, increase comprehension and develop social skills.

Little n Active classes cater for different ages and developmental stages, and can be modified to match children’s developmental needs. Each progressive lesson provides children with activities to build fundamental movement and improve their physical ability, using engaging themed environments that lend themselves to movement.

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Badminton is a sport played with a racquet and a shuttlecock. All ages and skills levels are welcome to play. It can be a competitive sport as well as a social game so we can ensure you will find a game no matter what level you are after!

Beep Test

The beep test is a multi-stage fitness test used to measure cardiovascular fitness and maximum oxygen uptake. It is commonly used by coaches and trainers to measure athlete fitness, or used as a pre-requisite for police and emergency organisations. The test is also known as the beep test, pacer test, 20m shuttle run test or Léger test.

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