Sports and Recreation

Sport and recreational activities at PCYC Pine Rivers

At Pine Rivers we have many different activities to keep you busy throughout the school terms! We have something for everyone from 1 year olds through to Seniors.

Healthy Active Bodies 50+

Healthy Active Bodies is an activity aimed at improving mobility, strength, balance, coordination and flexibility for members aged 50+.  Classes are held on Monday and Friday mornings.  Contact PCYC Pine Rivers to register for our next class!


Kinder Play

Kinderplay is an open gym session for ages 0-5 with their parents/carers.  Kinder Play is a casual class however pre-booking is required due to limited class numbers under current restrictions.  Kinderplay is the only class within our gymnastics program that is unstructured and casual.

Kinder Gym

Kindergym is an UNDER 5’s gymnastics program for children and their parent/carer utilising fundamental movement that stimulates children’s mind and body through playful physical activities.  Not only will your child learn to enjoy exercise and movement they will also develop coordination, gross motor skills, balance and body awareness at the same time as making new friends.  Children aged 2 years & over can commence gymnastics within our Kindergym Program in an age appropriate class. Classes are split into 2-3yrs, 3-4yrs and Pre-Prep. Kindergym classes are fully structured and run in line with the School term.


Martial Arts

Jishukan Ryu Jujitsu

Jishukan jujitsu utilises Judo throws, Kenpo karate and boxing skills for punches and kicks. Combined with break falling and exercises a student will learn all they need to know to defend themselves both standing and on the ground.  Students gain an understanding of bones, muscles and nerves whilst combining training in balance speed and agility. We practice self defence in a traditional format to ensure that all students get plenty of practice in two on one scenarios to ensure their techniques are sharpened.  Students gain self confidence and an understanding of their bodies that encourages a self discipline to succeed whilst getting fit in a fun atmosphere.