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Our Playtime is a movement-based learning experience for children under five years and their parents or caregivers.  Educational research tells us that children learn best through exploring and discovering their abilities via targeted physical activity.

Playtime is a freeplay session, which introduce basic skills and strength building activities.  Our program is designed to inspire motor milestone development, boost confidence and cognitive development and provides a platform for social interaction.

Playtime provides a safe environment for children to develop physical literacy in a fun playful way

Over 50’s – Choir


10:30am – 12:00pm

$7 per person – per class

Looking to socialise, then why not join our local group of singers.


Health benefits of playing Badminton:
Helps to stay fit & lose weight.
Maintain physique and muscle toning.
Can improves metabolic rate.
Increases concentration levels and reflex action.
Improves muscle strength & flexibility.
So many benefits, came & give it a try.


Benefits of playing Basketball:
Promotes Cardiovascular Health.
Burns Calories.
Social & Competitive Play.
Builds Bone Strength.
Boosts The Immune System.
Strength Training.
Improves Coordination & Motor Skills.
Develops Self-Discipline & Concentration.

Table Tennis

Health benefits of table tennis include:
Improving Motor Skills & Hand-eye Coordination.
Aerobic Exercise.
Great Social Activity.
Cardio Workout & Good For Muscle Development.

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