Dukes Games

PCYC Queensland is a major partner of the Duke of Edinburgh’s (DoE) International Award program and is Queensland’s leading facilitator of the Award. Our reach stretches across a large geographical area with over 25 Award Centres, all connected by the vision of PCYC Queensland. The focus for PCYC Queensland’s DoE International Award program is to improve quality of delivery and continuity for participant Award Levels. In a well-supported environment young people who opt to undertake the Award flourish and enjoy their involvement. A connectedness to their mentors (Award Leaders) and peers has proven to be a motivator to completion and continuing onto the next subsequent level.

In the spirit of unity and promoting longevity through the DoE International Award, the concept of PCYC Queensland Dukes Games was born.

The PCYC Queensland Dukes Games are a celebration of the hard work and commitment it takes to complete an Award. A day of challenges will focus on the four Award sections of Skills, Voluntary Service, Physical Recreation and Adventurous Journey. The aim is to bring together 12 teams of PCYC Queensland DoE participants from across the state for a fun day of skill, teamwork and adventure.

Award Centres operating under PCYC Queensland from across the state will nominate teams to compete and connect. PCYC Bundaberg was chosen as the venue for the inaugural Games, as they operate one of the longest and most successful PCYC Queensland DoE programs, The Blazers, who are well loved and supported by their community. As a host they have plenty to share, showcase and celebrate. It is believed the exposure and demonstration of support will improve morale, and in-turn, grow the inclusivity of the Award.

See all the action from the inaugural Dukes Games here!